Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kathy's notary blog and informant page

I finally did it! Created a blog.  I hope to post information useful to commissioned notaries, notary students, the general public on information I think might be important to them.
I also hope to be an informant.  I feel like I now personally understand post traumatic stress syndrome due to a bad foreclosure experience.  I actually wanted to say "horrific" instead of "bad" but didn't want to be too dramatic ---- yet. I'm going public about my experience.  I may be a few weeks before I post my experience but keep watching for it.  I need to recover from my PTSS and that may take a few days. 
Anyone out there had a pending credit card charge for gas for more than twice the actual amount of the charge for the gas?  I did today.  I filled my gas tank at a Chevron station last night charging it on my bank credit card.  As we speak, it is showing on by on-line account for this credit card as "pending" (which is normal) but the pending amount is more than double the actual account.  I have one report from one person who had a similar experience with Chevron.  When I called the Chevron station, I was told I "the bank did it."  I always use my credit card when I get gas.  This is first time I have gotten gas at a Chevron station, and I have NEVER had this issue with any other service station.  I am going to track this down one way or the other.  I would love to know if anyone has had a similar experience with Chevron and just as important, had a similar experience with any other gas company (I need the names of those gas companies).  I'll post what I find out from my bank.
Also, notaries be on the lookout for some info on "Do Not Resuscitate" issues and living wills.  The rest of you who either have a Living Will Declaration or are thinking about doing one will be interested in this as well.