Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kathy's notary blog and informant page

I finally did it! Created a blog.  I hope to post information useful to commissioned notaries, notary students, the general public on information I think might be important to them.
I also hope to be an informant.  I feel like I now personally understand post traumatic stress syndrome due to a bad foreclosure experience.  I actually wanted to say "horrific" instead of "bad" but didn't want to be too dramatic ---- yet. I'm going public about my experience.  I may be a few weeks before I post my experience but keep watching for it.  I need to recover from my PTSS and that may take a few days. 
Anyone out there had a pending credit card charge for gas for more than twice the actual amount of the charge for the gas?  I did today.  I filled my gas tank at a Chevron station last night charging it on my bank credit card.  As we speak, it is showing on by on-line account for this credit card as "pending" (which is normal) but the pending amount is more than double the actual account.  I have one report from one person who had a similar experience with Chevron.  When I called the Chevron station, I was told I "the bank did it."  I always use my credit card when I get gas.  This is first time I have gotten gas at a Chevron station, and I have NEVER had this issue with any other service station.  I am going to track this down one way or the other.  I would love to know if anyone has had a similar experience with Chevron and just as important, had a similar experience with any other gas company (I need the names of those gas companies).  I'll post what I find out from my bank.
Also, notaries be on the lookout for some info on "Do Not Resuscitate" issues and living wills.  The rest of you who either have a Living Will Declaration or are thinking about doing one will be interested in this as well.


  1. You are so full of knowledge and I definitely will be following your blog. When is your next notary seminar?

  2. Hi, Kathy. I've had a hold on my credit card for a gasoline purchase once. I was told that it's done that way because they can't really tell how much gasoline you're going to pump when you first insert your card, so the merchant, by policy, pre-approves a certain figure. Similar to what happens when you check into a hotel, they tie up some amount if your credit limit. That's really all it is. The real problem seems to be lack of any advance warning, the way it registeres on your online "pending" balance, and the nature of the business. When I checked in the Boston Hilton during a trip, I wasn't surprised at the amount of the "hold" they put on the card -- a little over one-night's charge. The second day, they did it again.. When it happened to my wife at the Chevron, she saw the amount online and thought they had overcharged her. It's getting to be like that -- any time you put your card up as security for whate might be a variable final charge, the merchant is going to be able to decide what kind of a hold to set. Vehicles with high-volume tanks can wind up containing a high purchase amount, and after you've finished filling up, it's too late for the merchant to find out you only had $15 worth of credit limit remaining on your card. That's the logic. Not that it is any more comforting, but that's basically why it's happening. If you're giving your card in advance of arriving at a final total, you're going to see more of that everywhere. It's a PR job for the merchants and the card issuers, and they've done a p- poor job of preparing consumers.